our proactive role in the department

As a department supported club, we are uniquely allowed to submit policy proposals to our Political Science faculty. This is an enormous privilege, and we go to a number of lengths to make the most of it. The members of our executive board, all with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets, work closely together to make sure that no pressing student need is left unconsidered. We scour other departments both within and beyond UBC and draw from their innovations. Finally, we seek the advice and guidance of our eminent faculty members before moving forward with any proposal.

The department takes these proposals seriously, and is generally quite receptive to them. Past proposals have addressed a broad array of issues such as a proactive initiative against sexual harassment, the restriction against undergraduate teaching-assistantships, and the need for more rigorous quantitative methods coursing. Two of the above have been adopted; you can request access to any of our past and current policies in the form below.

We respect your right to your privacy. You are not obligated to provide us with your name to obtain access to our policies.
Please indicate which policy you would like access to (if you know).

We are always open to suggestions from our student community. Below you can find an anonymous comment box where you can tell us if you support or disagree with our policies. Feel free to let us know if there is any particularly important issue that we are neglecting. Our aim is to make your undergraduate experience meaningful; your feedback is crucial in enabling us to do that.

Here is your opportunity to give us feedback! Are we being transparent enough? Are we proposing the right things, in the right ways? Are there any pressing issues that we have neglected to address? We want to hear from you!