political science mentorship program (PSMP)

Started in 2015, the PSMP is a student-run program designed by the PSSA to allow younger students to connect with upper-year peers to maximize their potential. We know that the best advice comes from experience; our goal is to create peer relationships between senior and junior political science majors, to facilitate the transfer of wisdom to the next generation of students.

Our mentors are selected through a rigorous process, on the recommendation of political science faculty, with the requirement of high educational attainment, good academic standing, and sufficient familiarity with the political science program to provide insightful perspectives on program choices, coursework, and other aspects of university life.

We are always looking for exceptional individuals who want to give back to their department. If you want to make UBC a little nicer than you found it, or just want advice you can actually use, let us know at mentorship.ubcpssa@gmail.com. An official call for the recruitment of mentors will go out, but early interest is encouraged.

Mentorship Program Applications are now open! Fill out your application here by January 15, 2018!

More information can be requested from the Vice-President Academic of the PSSA at mentorship.ubcpssa@gmail.com.