Isabella Picui is currently enrolled as a second year student planning on majoring in Political Science and International Relations, with a possible minor in History. She has academic interests in the study of authoritarian states, American foreign policy, hegemonic influences on international relations, and 20th century world history. She hopes to pursue graduate school in political science followed by law school in the future. She is actively involved with various other clubs around campus, and as Vice President Internal, Isabella wants to increase participation and engagement at events throughout the year, as well as introduce more socials and collaborative events with other organizations. In her free time, Isabella enjoys reading, watching a ridiculous amount of television, sleeping, and travelling.


Behbod Negahban is an incoming second year Arts student, working towards a degree in Political Science. While primarily concerned with political power dynamics in the Middle East, his interests also extend to continental philosophy and Western literature. He hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Political Science. As Vice President External, Behbod wants to help make UBC talk, to hold interdisciplinary lectures and events, all to the end of bringing insight out into the open. He has contributed to the UBC community as President of the Philosophy Students’ Association, Vice President External for the Young Liberals, former First Year Director of the Political Science Students Association and former Vice President Administration of Free the Children at UBC. In his free time Behbod plays video games, eats, shops, but mostly sleeps.


Joshua James is currently a 4th year Honours Political Science major, with plans for a minor in History. Not surprisingly, he has great interest in political philosophy, the effects of warfare on state organization, and all things historical. At the moment, he is balancing LSAT prep with his executive duties, as well as research for his thesis paper. After his BA, Law school will ideally be on the horizon, and hopes to join the beautiful elite in society as soon as possible. He consider his lack of experience in student bureaucracy a strength, rather than a weakness, and hopes to provide fresh new insight into student politics. In his free time, Josh enjoys hockey, listening to a wide variety of music, witty one liners, and video games.

VICE-PRESIDENT Finance, robin asgari

Robin Asgari is an incoming second year student in the Faculty of Arts, pursuing a major in Political Science. Robin is interested in the institutions of government, foreign affairs, political ideology and the law. He intends to enter law school after his undergraduate degree with the aspirations of one day running for public office. Robin has been politically active with parties at all levels of government and is currently serving as the President of the UBC Young Liberals of Canada. He is also very active with student government, such as the Arts Undergraduate Society, and has been involved with reforms in modernizing the public education system in earlier years. Robin enjoys watching House of Cards, Suits and is also a huge soccer fan.

vICE-PRESIDENT policy, cheneil antony-hale

Cheneil Antony-Hale is a fifth year Political Science and Economics student. After taking a GRSJ course in third year, Cheneil became passionate about equity issues, founded and became President of  the UBC Feminist Club. She then ran for AMS President in the hopes of starting conversations, and making change, around the issues of environmental sustainability, disability support, sexual assault, and the increasing unaffordability and exclusivity of UBC. During the summers, Cheneil works as a Marine Mammal and Seabird Observer on seismic vessels, living for months at a time on the high seas, recording the actions of marine wildlife, and ensuring that oil companies comply with environmental regulations. Cheneil’s personal interests include boxing, mixed martial arts, playing guitar with her band, and making videos. After graduation Cheneil hopes to pursue sexual assault law, fight at the national level,  run for public office, or become the next Frank Zappa (minus the beard).


William Ting is an incoming fourth year Political Science student, interested in the study of topics including political behaviour, voting theory, and political psychology. After graduating, William intends to pursue a Computer Science degree and seeks to leverage technology to create innovative solutions to long-standing social issues. Outside of school, William enjoys watching movies and documentaries and actively follows the latest trends in marketing, startups and entrepreneurship.. As this year’s VP of Marketing, he hopes to help plan and execute events that will provide students exciting opportunities to learn more about politics!



Benjamin is an incoming second year student and is working towards a degree either in Political Science or a double major in Political Science and Economics. As the new Social Media Director he is excited to spread the word about the PSSA and generally excited about getting involved on campus. He sees getting involved on campus as being a valuable university experience that nobody should squander. Academically he enjoys the power concepts of Political Science, Economics, Political Theory and Law. He has a great respect and admiration of political commentators such as Bill Maher, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. After finishing his studies Benjamin is not sure which path he will take, but is interested pursuing a Masters in Political Science, possibly entering law school, or entering media as a commentator or writer. In his spare time he watches House of Cards, plays guitar, plays hockey with his friends and drinks green tea. 

events director, veronece wun

Veronece Wun is an incoming fourth year Political Science student, interested in contemporary political theory, comparative politics and the law. She intends to attend law school after completing her undergraduate degree and pursue a career in the legal field in either Vancouver or Hong Kong, where she was born. She is involved in the UBC community as the VP External of the Pre Law Society, the StartUp Coordinator of the Arts Undergraduate Society, the Achievement Editor of her sorority and a member of the Judiciary Committee for UBC Sororities. As the Director of Events for the PSSA she hopes to create memorable, helpful and reputable events for members from all academic backgrounds. In Veronece’s free time she likes to brunch, drink soy mochas and watch sci-fi movies.

events DIRECTOR, taylor mcginley

Taylor McGinley is an incoming fourth year Political Science student. Her academic interests lie within comparative politics, security studies, and international relations. Following university, she plans to pursue either law school or graduate school. She is currently involved with the Journal of Political Studies as an editor and will continue with the journal until graduation. With it being her last year in university, she wishes to become more engaged with fellow political science students and the UBC community. Through her role as an events director, she will purpose many social events that offer fun and stimulating atmospheres. In Taylor’s free time, she enjoys yoga, going to the beach, and exploring Vancouver’s social scene.

events director, zack pang

Zack is an incoming second year student who will be declaring a Political Science major, and hopes to eventually get into any law school that will accept him to study immigration and constitutional law. Zack also currently sits as the Multicultural Coordinator with the UBC Young Liberals and volunteers with the Liberal Party in Vancouver and Richmond. With the PSSA, he’s not entirely sure what he’ll be directing but just hopes it turns out to be pretty neat. In his spare time Zack enjoys playing his guitars, playing volleyball and tearing it up at the pool hall with friends. Future aspirations include sitting as a Member of Parliament, making Tim Hortons a Crown corporation and eventually throwing a party at 24 Sussex; Harper family style.

events director, elijah teed 

Elijah Teed is beginning his third year up at UBC, and intends to Major in Political Science with a possible Minor in English Literature. Aside from a fixation with political theory, the Lost Generation, and the inner workings of government, Elijah spends the majority of his time drumming, writing for a variety of publications, engrossed in the worlds of whiskey and espresso, and developing an unhealthy knowledge of comic books. Once all is said and done with his bachelor’s, Elijah hopes to work in his longtime home of Vancouver, or perhaps uproot and find a small flat in Europe where he can let life play out as it will. He is thrilled to be a part of the executive team for the 2015—2016 year, and looks forward to spending his time as Events Director planning and organizing to help promote the PSSA and the Department of Political Science as a whole.


Adit is an incoming fourth year Political Science and History major with interests in International Relations Theory and Political Philosophy, with a focus on the Archaic Period. After graduating, he aspires to attend a law school in England with hopes to one day become a human rights law professor. Aside from his academics, Adit is actively involved in various clubs around campus, and as Grad Representative, he seeks to aid graduating students pursue a career in Political Science. Currently, Adit is balancing LSAT prep while working at Starbucks and interning at a law firm. In his spare time, Adit enjoys playing basketball, shopping online and watching far too much Phineas and Ferb. 

junior-year director, tanner ohlhauser

Tanner Ohlhauser is an incoming third year student in the Faculty of Arts, pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in International Relations. Tanner’s topics of interest pertaining to Political Science are multiculturalism, and Canadian immigration and refugee policy. He was born in rural Alberta and grew in the city of Calgary before coming to Vancouver for University. Aside from being involved in the PSSA Tanner is currently working as a residence advisor in Totem Park Residence and will be advising in Vanier residence in the 2015-2016 school year. After graduating he hopes to pursue a immigration law degree moving onto federal immigration policy some time after that. As a Junior-Year Director Tanner hopes to engage first and second years at UBC, inspiring interest in politics and political  involvement.   

junior-year director, veronika ruskova

Veronika Ruskova is an incoming 3rd year student in the Faculty of Arts and is working towards a degree in Political Sciences. After graduating, Veronika is aiming to obtain a masters degree in Political Sciences or International Relations. Apart from the PSSA, Veronika works for Elections Canada and volunteers around election periods. She is interested in improving voter apathy and getting politics on the radar of Canadians. Her personal interests include rollerblading, traveling, particularly sleeping, and getting into political debates with anyone and everyone. Dreaming big, in the future, Veronika would one day like to have a seat on Parliament Hill as the first elected woman PM, and if that doesn't work out, of an uncharted island in the pacific. As a Junior-Year Director, Veronika hope to assiduously advise first and second year students on the subject of politics, and is glad to be on board for the first time with this wonderful PSSA team!



Jerry Ku is an incoming second year student studying in the faculty of Arts and aiming to major in Political science. Jerry love looking at the various different structures of government around the world and how they interact with one another in terms of economics, foreign affairs etc. After finishing his B.A., Jerry will primarily aim for law school, but also dreams of doing ambassadorial work. Jerry has been heavily active in the Model United Nations, starting from early high school and is also currently serving as VP Policy for the UBC Young Liberals as well as Executive of Business for the Chinese Collegiate Society. In his spare time Jerry loves playing all types of sports, but especially soccer, basketball and snowboarding. Other than that, Jerry is a huge foodie and loves immersing himself in Vancouver’s rich food culture.


Eustacia Kwok is an incoming third year Arts student, planning on majoring in Political Science, possibly combined with Philosophy. Her interests expand also to literature and Greek mythology. For now, her future remains unwritten, though she has prospects of becoming a writer. Her other interests include photography, cinema, and reading. She loves to discover all kinds of stories and spend time people-watch. She enjoys being finicky and finding the reason behind people’s actions, something she hopes she can learn to apply to her field of study. As executive assistant, Eustacia will be helping out wherever possible, hoping to provide a more accessible and approachable club and executive body.


Javier Barreto is an incoming third year student, intending to pursue degrees in Political Science and International Relations. Javier was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Vancouver at the age of six. Despite originally being admitted into UBC’s Faculty of Science, Javier’s career interests lie in the Arts through public health administration and policy. Post-graduation, he intends to earn a MHA or PhD. Javier’s drive for social justice can be attributed to his familial values, a deep interest in current events, and an admiration for political pundits (i.e Jon Stewart and John Oliver). As part of the executive, Javier hopes to contribute to the growth of the PSSA and remain in the PSSA until graduation. Aside from academics, Javier is an avid football (“soccer”) fan and cheers for the Colombian National Team and FC Barcelona. He also enjoys travelling, attending music festivals, and playing guitar and piano.


Maria Gladkikh is a fourth-year Political Science major with a minor in English Literature. Her academic interests focus on Eastern European post-Soviet politics, political coexistence in the Middle East, US foreign policy, and 20th century American literature. After graduation, she has no idea what she wants to do. Currently, her plans are to move into a flat in Paris and eat popcorn all day, surrounded by her 50 cats. If that doesn’t work, she hopes to do a graduate degree in politics, with a focus on contemporary Russian politics and Russia-Ukraine relations. She is originally from Donetsk, Ukraine, although she is sad to report she hasn’t been back in a decade. Alternatively, she may pursue a law degree. She is a member of the federal NDP party. In her spare time, Maria enjoys playing the violin, piano, and mandolin. She also loves watching horror movies, listening to Bob Dylan, and long walks on the beach.


Ian Ham is a fourth year Political Science student with interests in comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. He is the Academic Chair of his fraternity and plans on attending graduate school abroad after his BA. He is excited about being on the executive team of the PSSA and looks forward to getting more involved on campus while networking with like-minded individuals. Ian was born in Vancouver, raised in the lower mainland and likes to travel and write. He enjoys reading, hanging out with good people, and experiencing new things.


Amanda Brain is a third year student in the Faculty of Arts, pursuing a major in Political Science and minor in Economics. Academically she is interested in comparative politics and constitutional economics, with a particular focus on Latin America. She intends to continue her studies in graduate school and hopes to someday work in economic policymaking. In her spare time Amanda loves exploring beautiful BC and takes advantage of every opportunity to go hiking, surfing, or skiing. As an executive assistant, she is eager to contribute to the incredibly talented PSSA team and promote its positive presence on campus!

executive assistant, sholeh sharifi 

Sholeh is an incoming third year student in the faculty of Arts, pursuing a major in Political Science, with a possible minor in Law and Society. She has academic interests in political theory, international relations and Middle Eastern power dynamics. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Political Science followed by attending law school. She is also interested in ambassadorial work. Aside from being involved in PSSA, Sholeh served as VP Academic and Culture of UBC Persian Club. Sholeh is very passionate about dramatic and performing arts and has been performing as an actress with a Persian theatre group since 2013. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, reading blogs and short stories. She is thrilled to serve as an executive assistant and work with amazing PSSA team to promote the club!

executive assistant, milica palinic 

Milica - or just Millie for the sake of simplicity - is an incoming third year Political Science major with a minor in Law and Society. She has an interest in Canadian and local politics - specifically municipal policies and their impacts on various factors such as livability, sustainability, population, etc. She hopes to pursue a law degree after completing her undergraduate studies. or a Masters of Journalism, or get a paralegal degree at Capilano, or work for the City of Vancouver helping develop policies and making Vancouver a better place to live! In short, she loves back up plans, Vancouver, and being prepared. She hopes to work on policy development and student involvement with the PSSA. Millie has written for the Ubyssey irregularly for the past couple of years, tutors little and big kids in English, and hopes to become more actively involved in the university. In her spare time, she loves raiding the chocolate pantry, shopping, doing crosswords, and clicking ‘play next episode’ on Netflix despite the fact that it’s 1AM and not the weekend.

executive assistant, keona silva pinto 

Keona Silva Pinto is an incoming second year student, studying in the Faculty of Arts. She is working towards a major in Political Science and a minor in Law and Society. She has academic interests in political theory, comparative politics, and Canadian foreign policy. After completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue a degree in Law focusing on international law, human rights law and extradition. In her free time, Keona enjoys watching basketball (Go Boston Celtics!), completing DIY Pinterest projects, watching Downtown Abbey, and re-reading the Harry Potter series. She is looking forward to being part of the executive team of the PSSA, and getting more involved on campus while engaging with her fellow political science student at UBC.

moot court (UBCMC)

managing editor, samantha walsh 

Samantha Walsh is one of the very few commerce students who has aspirations to pursue law school upon graduation.  Currently in her last year, she has been extremely involved in UBC Greek Life as President of her sorority and has been a teaching assistant for several upper-year courses in her faculty. As a co-op student she has also interned a real estate law firm in the US and, most recently, as a Business Analyst in TELUS’ internal consulting division.  When Samantha isn’t in class or working you’ll find her practicing for an upcoming case competition, nervously studying for her LSATs or ballroom dancing. Hailing from Montreal, Samantha speaks four languages fluently and hopes to add Mandarin as a fifth before she departs from the west coast. She is extremely excited for her final year and can’t wait to meet students with similar interests at UBC!

marketing editor, shiva ghayemghamian

Shiva Ghayemghamian is an incoming third year student, getting a major in Sociology and a minor in Law and Society. She has experience in working with real estate agents and developers while also studying to become a corporate and real estate lawyer after graduating. She enjoys working with Stella Price & Associates at Sutton Realty as it offers her another view of the law application in real estate and expands her networks. Shiva is working closely with developers to market and sell residential custom homes in Vancouver. Her current project at hand is to sell units at the upcoming Vancouver House. One of her plans for this summer include working closely with IRACA Construction & Developing Services Corp. She loves getting involved in different activities and clubs to expand her knowledge in various areas and is excited to be a part of the UBC PSSA, serving as the Marking Editor. 


model parliament (UBCMP)


Geena is an incoming fourth year Political Science student with academic interests in political philosophy, legal theory, and international relations, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, she serves as Co-President of the UBC Pre-Law Society, and like many of her colleagues studying Political Science, plans to pursue a career in law. Geena also served as Secretary-General of the annual UBC Model United Nations Conference which took place in January 2015. Aside from her academics and involvement on campus, Geena works part-time as a barista at Starbucks which she thoroughly enjoys. She is also involved with the Canada-Korea Business Association where she volunteers her time as a writer, publishing articles on pertinent legal and business issues between the two countries. Geena is thrilled to be co-founding UBC’s first ever Model Parliament and is excited to relive her fond youth parliament memories from high school!

CONFERENCE CO-CHAIR, Tiago De Souza Jensen

Tiago is entering his third year as an Urban Studies and International Relations student, focusing his studies on sustainable urban form and governmental support in the Asia-Pacific region. He has been involved in Model United Nations since high school. At UBC, Tiago first attended local and distant conferences through IRSA, then continued his MUN life with involvement in the Secretariat organizing the UBC Model United Nations Conference 2015. Last year, Tiago helped to kickstart a new life for MUN on campus with the formation of the MUN Student Association. He will use his MUN background to ensure that the inaugural UBCMP is a big success, drawing in people from all different areas of study at UBC. Tiago also works part-time as a server, explores café culture around Vancouver, and studies Mandarin, Japanese, and Spanish in his spare time.


journal of political studies (JPS)