The Journal of Political Studies is one of the longest-running and most highly regarded undergraduate research journals in the country. The JPS is published by the UBC Political Science Student Association in partnership with the UBC Department of Political Science, and we have been in print for the past 17 years.

The best undergraduate political science papers by current and former UBC students are published, spanning a wide variety of subfields which include Canadian and US politics, international relations, political theory and comparative politics. Papers are selected on the basis of originality of research, conceptual innovation, topicality of subject matter, and overall quality of writing. 


The editorial board is selected in September of each year, and trained in October/November. The Journal is a fantastic chance to gain formal experience in academic publishing, and students keen to take part in and learn from a rigorous peer-reviewed editing process are highly encouraged to contact the Editor-in-Chief. 


The submissions deadline for the 2016 Journal of Political Studies is December 23 at 5pm. We encourage you to apply as early as you can! Submissions information can be found on the JPS site.

The Editor-in-Chief of the JPS can be reached at More information about the JPS can be found at!