Involvement Opportunties


Membership is available for purchase year-round. They are sold at Clubs Day in September, and at our events. The cost of an active membership for one academic year is $10.00. Membership gives you voting rights, access to exclusive events that are fun & academic, and priority access to events with limited capacity. It also gives you an opportunity to sign up for our mentorship program. We can't wait to meet you--make your mark now and become a member!


Elections are held in late March of every academic year, where core leadership positions such as President, VP Finance, VP External, VP Internal, VP Marketing, and the Departmental Advisor on Policy & Procedure (DAPP) are open for election! All PSSA members are welcome to run.

Throughout the year, a number of positions for General Executives are hired (usually in April & May) - these include our marketing director(s), social media director(s), events director(s), grad representative, sponsorship director(s) and so forth! Our branches, Moot Court, Model Parliament and the Journal of Political Studies also hire separate committees. Keep an eye out for these abundance of opportunities to get involved!

We are always looking for enthusiastic, professional and committed members to add to our team. If you want to get involved, email to inquire. 


Volunteering to help with specific projects or events is a great way to get involved if you don't have the time to commit to a leadership role, or if you don't feel ready for one yet. Email with your name and the event you'd like to volunteer for in the subject.