Are you planning to graduate this year?

Graduation photos for UBC Political Science students are taken at Evangelos Photography Ltd, located near campus on West Broadway. Evangelos has been taking pictures for the UBC political science community for several decades. The graduation photographs are a series of photographs that are taken with you in the academic regalia. Evangelos provides all necessary UBC caps, hoods and gowns. The deadline to have your photograph taken will be on: (TBA).

It is your responsibility to plan in advance to make sure your picture is taken before the deadline. You can book your appointment through Evangelos' website: 

How much will it cost?

Evangelos provides all necessary UBC caps, hoods and gowns. You must pay a refundable deposit of $45.00 when you have your pictures taken. This deposit will be credited towards your order for final photographs if placed prior to your 60 days from your sitting date; however, if you do not wish to order any photographs there is no obligation. Your deposit may be refunded to you as long as you come into the studio with your receipt before your 60 days are up. If you do not inquire about you $45.00 deposit within your 60 day time limit the deposit will be forfeited meaning, unfortunately you will not get it back. Each student from the graduating class is entitled to one free group sitting at the same time of individual photographs (e.g. friends, family, spouse, animals). If you wish to have photographs taken with an additional group, a special rate of $15.00+tax per group will be charged. Please note that these are the policies of Evangelos Photography Ltd, not the PSSA.