Welcome to Cinema Politica by UBC PSSA

In January 2015, the UBC PSSA was lucky enough to acquire the UBC branch of Cinema Politica that was established in October 2007. What follows is movies, popcorn and an abundance of fun for us and our political science peers.

At the PSSA, we believe that a silent campus is a dead one. That’s why, throughout the coming academic year, we will be screening several political films which inspire and polarize, stimulate both action and debate. We do so as a member of Cinema Politica— a non-profit network of community and campus locals which draw upon a shared bank of independent political films, and attempt to bring them to as wide an audience as possible. More information regarding Cinema Politica can be found here(hyperlink: http://www.cinemapolitica.org/about-cinema-politica).

What follows is a list of the films we are hoping to screen: A Jihad for Love, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Blood in the Mobile, Gulabi Gang, A People Uncounted, American Radical, 500 Days Later, Girls of Phnom Penh and Blokada.

For exact information regarding the dates and locations of these screenings, please check our Facebook page closer to the actual screening dates of these films.